Last updates for now…

I’ve added some great new images of large ciliates from a forest stream in MacRitchie Reservoir. Flowing water is generally a bad place to look for protists, compared with standing water (e.g. ponds), but this large Euplotes and another large ciliate are big enough to compare with invertebrate animals and in some ways behave like them too!

A whole bunch of new videos are also online; see my Vimeo account for the full listing.

Come next week I’ll be starting a new chapter of my life. I’ll be leaving Singapore (again) for my postgraduate studies, and so I won’t be able to continue generating new material for this website.

It’ll still stay up, of course, as a resource for people who are interested in protists. I may still tweak the organization and layout of the pages in my free time, and respond to feedback and other comments. If I have some time to spend at the microscope when I’m back for holidays, I’ll definitely share what I see.

Contributions from other enthusiasts are definitely welcome, or if you have your own online media or projects involving protists, do let me know via the contact page and I’ll be glad to link to you from here.

To all my visitors: thanks for all your support and for your interest in the little things which matter!

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