Hidden Lives

Vignettes of microscopic lifeforms that thrive under our very noses. See how microbes feed, move about, and reproduce.

Why I made this video

When I looked at the video footage that I’ve collected in the course of making this website, I found that they can be strung together to tell a story. This is another way to share the beauty of microscopic organisms, what I’ve called here the “Hidden Lives”. Although they are usually invisible to us, they are as diverse and as fascinating to watch as the animal and plant life that we usually see in nature documentaries. There are also striking parallels: heliozoans that trap passing prey like spiders waiting in their web, ciliates that scavenge dead animals like hyenas. They illustrate how form and function are closely tied together in all living organisms.

This website developed quite organically as I accumulated pictures and footage and wanted to make them accessible in a systematic way. But not everyone will want to browse through a guidebook. Putting it together as a film lets me showcase the best footage that I have; I can also highlight what I think are the most interesting details and moments.

If you find this useful, please leave a comment or send me a message via the Contact page. I’d love to hear feedback, whether you are using it in the classroom, or just watching out of plain curiosity.

Music for the video was sourced from ccMixter.


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