Other flagellates

Bodo saltans

Small flagellates with two flagella: one longer trailing one, which appears to stick to the substrate or microscope slide, and a shorter anterior-pointed one, which can beat quickly. It is easily recognized by the flagella, cell shape, and twitching motion. The flicking or twitching is rapid and characteristic of this species: see the video below.

Bodonids are kinetoplastids, which are relatives of the euglenids. Both kinetoplastids and euglenids are members of a larger grouping called the Euglenozoa. Kinetoplastids have large masses of DNA, organized into a structure called the kinetoplast, within their mitochondria.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27611672]

See also

Other groups which are flagellated but which are described elsewhere on this website.





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